The Scottish Lizard Canary Association

The S.L.C.A. are to give a 4 Rosette Patronage to the National Cagebird Show at Stafford for the first time.  This will be: Best Lizard, Best Champion, Best Novice and Best Junior Lizard.

Dave Ross from Washington, Tyne & Wear, has agreed to Judge the Club Show on the 19th November 2017 at the Community Education Unit (next to Sports Complex), Abbots Road, Grangemouth, FK3 8JB.  

S.L.C.A. have joined the National Council for Aviculture and we have taken our Insurance from them.

Any Club seeking S.L.C.A. Patronage for their Show should contact A.Innes, 206 Almond Street, Grangemouth, FK3 8PT.  Tel. 01324 484140.

The Patronage is for 3 Rosettes: Best Lizard, Best Champion and Best Novice.  If required, we can also do Best Junior.  There is no charge but we take £3 postage & packing.

Please make all cheques payable to the “Scottish Lizard Canary Association”.


20th March, 2017

LCA Member Danny Higgins from Ashford in Kent had his entire stud of Lizard Canaries stolen last night. Danny had most of them rung with the Ring number LCA 250. If anyone comes across Lizards for sale with the ring number LCA 250 please email and I will pass on your information.

Dear All,

 You may be aware of the recent Conference  held in Cervia, Italy  hosted by COM for the OMJ delegates * Most European Countries were Represented, also Brazil and Turkey from outside the E.U. At that meeting, and without prior notification, consultation and debate with any other Lizard Club or Association (Including  Our own LCA ) ,The Portuguese Delegate, on behalf of the Portuguese Lizard Canary Club pushed through a  new Standard of  Points for the Lizard Canary radically different from the LCA standard which has been in place for nearly 70 years. Although the UK delegate protested in the most strongest terms about the decision reached, and more importantly how the procedures of the OMJ  had been over-ridden and ignored in taking this vote, his protests were vetoed by the President of COM Carlos Ramoa ( Incidentally also Portuguese ) who in a land-mark Ruling state  "No country of origin has the right ANY MORE to  refuse to allow changes to a relevant Canary Standard if the majority of Delegates at  a Conference vote in favour of that change . No discussion was allowed on this ruling which is against the principles and procedures of COM.
A full and accurate account can be found on Huw Evans web-site The accuracy of his report has been confirmed and verified,also a full list of the changes in the Standard is also included on the site.

Of course these Changes only apply to COM sponsored shows in Europe,at the moment  I know it could be said "Its Europe let them get on with it"  but the changes forced through if successful will set a precedent against all other British type breeds , there is also the issue of the many European Lizard Breeders ,who like us were not consulted,not party to any discussion and DO NOT have Right of Reply because they do not even have a Specialist Lizard in their own country to represent their views .Some of theses breeders are even members of the Lizard Canary Association. With this in mind the LCA has to do all it can to oppose these new undemocratic changes forced on us.

 There is no guarantee that our representatives in the  COM-UK will sponsor an LCA objection,and they are meeting on the 10th December in the Midlands so we have a very small window of opportunity to get our views across to them. The Technical objections to the New Standard will have to done by the LCA as the original owner of the Standard .OMJ will probably not accept any other presentations but as Lizard Specialist Societies you can all help by writing to our COM-UK representative   Simon Tamman **  and register your views on the Change,Individual members of your clubs can also greatly help by posting your views on Huw"s website because I know  that the powers that be, are visiting the site in order to gauge the level of feeling about the new standard.

All you help and support on this very serious matter will be greatly appreciated .