Lizard canary great dies

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Alex Forrest with his winning clear cap silver lizard canary cock at the 2005 Scottish National & British Open Championship showONE OF THE country’s top lizard canary breeders, Alex Forrest, has died at 83. Mr Forrest, from Bellsquarry near Livingstone, Scotland, passed away on Monday May 6 after a long battle with stomach cancer. He was president of the Scottish Lizard Canary Association (SLCA) and had kept various bird species for most of his life, but he was best known for being the only lizard breeder ever to win top bird at the Scottish National. SLCA secretary Sandy Innes said that Mr Forrest will be sorely missed: “I knew him from Grangemouth CBC.

He was knowledgeable about many other breeds of canaries having showed Norwich successfully and kept many others including red factors and new colours. “He kept British birds in his youth. He was a really nice bloke. Quiet, softly spoken and highly respected. I never heard anyone say a cross word against him. His golds were always outstanding and he had the ability to breed good non-caps.” Mr Forrest was a jockey in his youth and had pioneered the use of aircraft travel to transport racehorses.

He was also a keen fisherman. Life-long friend and former neighbour Bill Wallace, from Falkirk, was equally saddened to hear of his passing. He said: “I’ve known him since 1970. We were good friends. He was a good man and a good bird man. He did very well with his Norwich canaries in the mid-1960s before switching to lizards. “I reckon he must have been president of the SCLA for more than 25 years. He’ll be missed all right in the lizard fancy.”

Mr Innes added: “I would say there is no one in Scotland today without his bloodline somewhere in their stud. To commemorate his life and achievements the SCLA club show on Sunday November 17 will be dedicated to the memory of Alex Forrest, with special trophies being presented.” Mr Forrest is survived by his wife Margaret.

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