The 2018 S.L.C.A. A.G.M. took place at the Club Show

in Grangemouth on Sunday 18th November.

Present were Sandy Innes; Stu Johnson; Keith Johnson; Alex Derks; John Braid; John Short; Bill Wallace & Bill Halley.  Keith welcomed everyone to the A.G.M. and thanked Chris Jordan for Judging the Show.

The Minute of the last A.G.M. were read and proposed by John Braid, Seconded by Stu Johnson.  Sandy apologies for not having a statement of Accounts as he had had 2 family bereavements in 2 weeks prior to the Show.  He would do one a.s.a.p.  As Sandy was stepping down from Secretary / Treasurer.  John Short thanked Sandy on behalf of members for his good work.

New Committee now is :-

President – Sandy Innes.  Proposed J. Braid, Seconded J.Short.

Secretary / Treasurer – Keith Johnson.  Proposed J.Braid, Seconded J. Short.

Patronage Secretary – Bill Maley.  Proposed Stu Johnson, Seconded J.Braid.

Membership Fees to stay the same :

£10.00 Adult; £12.00 Partnership; £4.00 Junior/ Retired and are now due.

Next year’s Show will be on Sunday 19th November 2019.  Same Venue.  Joe Croakley to be approached to Judge.  The C.B.S. Club Show to go to Loanhead.  Proposed J.Short, Seconded J.Braid.

The Exhibitor of the Year was Stu Johnson.

There being no other business, the Meeting was closed.

The 2018 Club Show took place on the 18th November at the Community Education Unit, Abbots Road, Grangemouth.

This year’s Judge, Chris Jordan, accompanied with his wife Sue, travelled up from Tamworth to cast his eye over the birds.

The weather was very good for November making the Show a pleasure for everyone travelling to and from the Show.

With Exhibitors travelling from the North–east of England as well as the North-east of Scotland, everything was set for a fine Show – 72 birds benched.

Sponsorship was good and we thank the following companies for helping to make the Show a success :-

Cage & Aviary Birds; Haith’s; The Bird Care Company; Donald Cooke Ltd; Beaphar; Johnsons Veterinary and D.B.M. Scotland.

With Patronage from the Lizard Canary Association of Great Britain.  Exchange Patronages with the Southern Lizard Canary Club, the East Anglian Lizard Canary Association and the North-east Lizard Canary Club.  There were plenty of rosettes up for grabs.  All this on top of our range of glass trophies by local artist Greig Black from Black Noir.  Real Cabinet Fillers.

With Mary in the kitchen keeping everyone supplied with rolls on bacon and our famous square sausage, Judging got under way with Chris taking his time to do the high quality exhibits justice.

Main Winners were :

The Alex Forrest Memorial Trophy for Best Clear Cap – Stu Johnson’s well marked Silver Clear Cap Hen which also was Best Lizard; Best Champion; Best Champion Silver; Best Champion Clear Cap.

The Willie Kay Memorial Trophy for Best non Cap also went to Stu Johnson.

This time with a good coloured Gold Hen.  This bird was also Best Champion God.  Stu also had Best Champion Broken Cap.

Best Novice was first time exhibitor Alex MacLean with a Broken Cap Silver Hen which was also Best Novice Silver; Best Novice Broken Cap.  Alex also won Best Novice Non Cap with a Silver Cock.  All Alex’s birds were quality, very much a family.

Best Champion over year – Sandy Innes.

The week after the Show I had a letter from Chris & Sue saying how much they had enjoyed their weekend.


Class : No.1 - Clear Cap Gold Cock.  1st, 2nd & 3rd – S.Innes.  4th – Stu Johnson.

 No.2 – Clear Cap Gold Hen.  1st K.Johnson.

 No.3 - Clear Cap Silver Cock.  1st & 6th B.Maley; 2nd K.Johnson; 

3rd & 5th S.Innes; 4th Stu Johnson.

 No.4 – Clear Cap Silver Hen.  1st & 5th Stu Johnson; 2nd, 3rd, 6th & 7th K.Johnson;

  4th S.Innes.

 No.5 – Broken Cap Gold Cock.  (9 in Class)  1st, 3rd, 4th & 6th.  K.Johnson; 

  2nd, 5th & 7th S.Innes.

 No.6 – Broken Cap Gold Hen.  1st Stu Johnson; 2nd & 3rd K.Johnson.

 No.7 – Broken Cap Silver Cock.  1st & 6th S.Innes; 2nd K.Johnson; 

  3rd, 4th & 5th B.Maley.

 No.8 – Broken Cap Silver Hen.  (8 in Class).  1st, 2nd & 6th S.Innes;

  3rd & 5th K.Johnson; 4th & 7th Stu Johnson.

 No.9 – Non Cap Gold Cock.  1st, 3rd, 4th & 5th K.Johnson; 2nd Stu Johnson.

 No.10 – Non Cap Gold Hen.  1st Stu Johnson; 2nd, 3rd & 4th S.Innes.

 No.11 – Non Cap Silver Cock.  1st & 2nd Stu Johnson.

 No.12 – Non Cap Silver Hen.  1st B.Maley; 2nd & 3rd S.Innes.

 No.13 – Adult Gold.  1st, 2nd & 3rd S.Innes.

 No.14 – Adult Silver.  1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th & 7th S.Innes.

Novice Section only – one exhibitor, but with good birds.

Class:  No.21 -Broken Cap Silver Cock.  1st A.MacLean.

 No.22 – Broken Cap Silver Hen.  1st & 2nd A.MacLean.

 No.25 – Non Cap Silver Cock.  1st Alex MacLean.

The Cagebird Society Club Show as hosted by Linlithgow C.B.S. on the 24th November – Judge Dave Ross.

Best Lizard Best Champion, Best Champion Gold, Best Champion Broken Cap & Best Champion Non Cap – Keith Johnson.

Best Champion Silver, Best Champion Clear Cap – S.Innes.

Best Novice – S.Hart, who also had Best over Year.

Best Novice Silver & Best Novice Non Cap.

Best Novice Gold, Best Novice Clear Cap & Best Novice Broken Cap – J.Topping.

Overall Linlithgow had a very good entry with a large foreign section.


Loanhead C.B.S. on 20th October.  First Show of the season.

Best - S.Innes.  Best Champion – S.Innes.

No Novice.

Morpeth & District C.B.S. on 27th October – Judge D.Ross.  27 birds.

Best Lizard Best Champion – K.Barker.

Best Novice – J.Topping.

Grangemouth C.B.S. also 27th October.  Judge – Alex Derks.  27 entries.

Best Lizard – K.Johnson.

Best Champion & Champion Gold – K.Johnson.

Best Champion Silver – S.Innes.

Best Novice, Best Novice Silver & Novice Gold – S.Hart.

Markinch O.S. 4th November.  Judge A.Derks.  17 entries.

Best Lizard Best Champion – K.Johnson.

Best Novice – S.Hart.

Blackburn C.B.S. on 1st December.  Judge A.Innes.

A much improved venue from their last one.

Best Lizard & Best Champion – K.Johnson.

North-east Lizard Canary Club Show on 2nd December.

This Show had a good entry including a Junior Exhibitor.

The Old Variety Section, much to my delight, had a strong Scots Fancy turnout.  Worth a mention was the raffle, just about as big as the Show – well done John!

At the Show I met Brian Johnson who is returning to Lizards after some years.  He used to be a very good exhibitor, so hopeful he will be back on the Show scene next year.

Best Lizard Best Lizard Champion – Stu Johnson.

Best Novice – Charlene Whellans.

Best Junior – Aiden Whellans.

The last Show worth a mention is Kelso O.S.

As we no longer have the use of the minibus, I went down with Mary for the weekend.  The Show was well entered with a huge British Bird entry.

The Lizard Section was good, but not large.  Good to see Novice Garry Jones and his family.  Garry has only done 2 Shows this year because of work commitments.

It was also nice to see a lady exhibitor – Charlene Whellans.

I had a very good Show taking Best Lizard, Best Champion.  Also Best Scots & Best Frill.

Best Novice Lizard – Garry Jones. 


The A.G.M. of the Scottish Lizard Canary Association took place on the 18th November 2018, at their Club Show.

Club officials have changed to:

President :


Secretary / Treasurer :

KEITH JOHNSON, 24 Nairn Course, Hallglen Falkirk, Stirlingshire. FK1 2QU

Tel. 01324 634187.

Patronage Secretary :

BILL MALEY, 5 Walden Terrace, Gifford, East Lothian. EH41 4QP

Tel. 01620 810324

Membership Fees to stay the same at :

Full   - £10.00

Partnership   - £12.00

Concession / Junior - £4.00

Stu Johnson from South Hetton was presented with the S.L.C.A.’s Exhibitor of the Year Trophy.  This was for the 2017 Show season.

Next Year’s Show will be on Sunday 17th November 2019 at the Grangemouth venue.

The C.B.S. Full Patronage Show will go to Loanhead C.B.S.

John Short on behalf of the Members thanked Sandy for all the work he put into the Club.

Scottish Lizard Canary AssociationSPRING 2018 NEWSLETTER


I would like to start by wishing everyone a Good New Year!

At the Club Show we had 2 new members, Bill Maley and Mick Brannon.  I hope you both enjoy your first year with the Club.


Long-time Club member Jim McKinnon is giving up his Lizards & Irish Fancy Canaries, but it still going to keep a few Siskins.  Jim has had many wins over the years, most memorable winning the L.C.A. Classic.  I am sure you will join me in wishing Jim all the best.

Although Lizards locally have dipped a bit, there is renewed interest in the North-east of England, so I think we will see more exhibitors from that area.

Former member, Andrew Lethbridge has donated 4 show cages to the Club which I sold for £20 for Club funds.

I visited Mrs Peters just before Christmas to collect some of Willie’s birds she still had.  Mrs Peters has donated 4 white metal cages – double breeders with seed dishes solid & wire dividers in good condition.  If anyone is interested in buying them for Club funds, please phone me Tel. 01324 484140.  I also have 7 show cages at £5.00 each.  Mrs Peters has quite a few wooden double breeders she would like rid of, they are in good enough condition and she doesn’t want anything for them.  Anyone interested in them should phone her on Tel. 01698 425203 (this is in the Hamilton area).

Kevin McCallum has so far note confirmed that he will judge the Club Show, so I might have to select another Judge.

Do have a very enjoyable breeding season.




At the A.G.M. under A.O.B. we passed to Judge to 3rd place only.  The Constitution of the S.L.C.A. say we have adopted L.C.A. standards for Judging, so this might be unconstitutional.  I will contact the L.C.A. to see if this is acceptable.

I have checked with the L.C.A. Dave Allan & John Martin, both said there should be no problem just Judging to 3rd place.

As I do not send out receipts for Memberships, the following are all paid for this year: S.Hart, M.Brannon, J.Braid, A.Innes, K.Johnson, K.Barker, J.McKinnon, Stu Johnson, J.Topping, D.Bowes, B.Maley, A.Derks, J.Colee, A.Rundell.